Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Thursday, August 16, 2012


In February of 2011, I realized that something in my life had to change.  I had become stagnant, lazy, and tired.  I never had energy, and endured constant heartburn even if I wasn't eating spicy foods (which I love).  I got a little "twinspiration" when my brother told me he was going to start P90X.  I thought, "I have always been the skinny twin, and there's no way he's going to lose weight without me!"  I weighed in at a whopping 230 lbs.--the heaviest I'd ever been.  Those first few days were tough--fighting soreness, fatigue, and the desire to just give up after not seeing the six pack in 2 weeks.  I pressed through with the motivation and accountability of my brother and my wife who was doing the program with me.  I lost about 15 lbs, and I was hooked.  I did it again, and then graduated to Insanity, and then back to P90X, and then to P90X2.  All in all, I've lost almost 50 lbs, and am in the best shape of my life.  I'm here to tell you that P90X, Insanity, and P90X2 works.  I'm currently doing a P90X/RevAbs hybrid, and hoping that this is the phase that helps me to say good-bye to that spare tire and hello to my six pack abs that I never saw in those first two weeks of P90X.  

I was looking through old pictures and was amazed at the transformation.  Not only in my looks, but my life as well.  I have energy to run around with the kids, play basketball on a rec team with guys 10 years younger than me, and I haven't had a single heartburn in almost a year.  I was using Prevacid, and other OTC drugs for this and haven't had to take a single pill since I changed my life.  I'm also using Shakeology to help with the weight loss, energy, and overall health.  You gotta get on board if you are looking for a change!  I loved it so much that I decided to become a coach.  Visit my page at for more information!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Power Of Encouragement

I have never been a person who describes myself as having the gift of "encouragement."  Though, I often try to encourage people, it just doesn't come as naturally to me as to other people.  I am often struck, however, by the power of a positive encouraging word in someone's life.  

I have been watching shows like American Idol, and the Voice, where people receive honest feedback, are often let down by harsh truths, or even feel left out because they weren't part of something they've been dreaming about their entire lives.  One of the coaches on the Voice, after not hitting the button to turn his chair around, told the girl she was "pitchy," and then he said, "but, you're beautiful, so congratulations on that."  I thought it was funny at first...I even laughed out loud.  As I thought about that a little more, there were a couple of things that struck me.  1. He realized that he didn't want to completely crush her feelings by telling her the truth, so he stuck in a compliment, an encouragement.  It probably would have felt like throwing a dagger, to just end his comment with "sorry we didn't pick you, it was pitchy."  I completely understand that.  2. How often are our "encouragements" superficial?  "You're beautiful." "Great hair." "Nice hat."  Now I get that we want to comment on people's style, their look, but why can't we be more genuine with our encouragement?  "I really like your hat" doesn't go as far as, "Wow!  I'm really intrigued by your style."  Or something that comments beyond the normal, everyday encouragement, and speaks of something deep within a person.

  I'm always struck whenever I receive an encouragement that I never expected, or from someone that I never expected.  I got a facebook message tonight from an old friend that went to elementary school with me.  We also shared a workplace in high school, but I never would have expected to receive an encouragement from someone that I don't really interact with on a daily basis.  It was wild, and it really meant a lot!  Sure, he could have said a number of different things and I would have been happy, but he also spoke to something in my life at the moment that I needed to hear it, in the midst of some of my own insecurities and weaknesses.  

  A well timed encouragement can go a long way--it may not even matter if it's about someone's look, style, hair-do, or singing voice--but if it's genuine, and more so, if it's lead by God (you just get that feeling that you have to tell them) then it may very well make all the difference in the world.  

  Thanks, friend, for a well timed, God-lead, encouragement.  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shockwave Challenge

My brother issued a challenge to his church 55 days ago to share the gospel with at least one person a day for a week. He couldn't, in good conscience, issue a challenge and not do it himself. So, for the next 7 days, he shared the gospel with at least one person a day. Little did he know that he would be so changed that he would continue the challenge from then on. So, for the last 55 days, he has been sharing the gospel and posting the results to his facebook, and sharing the details on his blog.

I've been inspired by all of the posts of his obedience to the Great Commission, and have become increasingly aware of the opportunities that God gives me each day to either be a witness, or cower in fear. Most days, I notice the opportunities too late, or am too fearful to open my mouth to intentionally share the gospel, though I've done it hundreds of times.

After missing several opportunities, I decided that today would be different. I was helping one of our teens out with a radio interview with StoryCorps. We were at his old elementary school and we were being recorded while I interviewed him to get his life story, which would later be added to the archives at the Library of Congress for future generations. The lady operating the recording equipment was listening in as Orry was able to share his testimony, and his involvement with the church and our youth ministry. After the interview was over, and we filled out our surveys for them, I decided that it was now or never, so after making some small talk, I asked her if she went to church where she lived, and she said, "no." So, I began to talk to her about her upbringing, and she said she was still trying to figure out what she believed. I asked if she knew anything about Christianity, and she said, "Not really." So, I began to share with her how God had created us to be with Him, and how sin entered the world, but God sent Jesus to die on the cross so that we wouldn't have to be separated from Him. After sharing, I asked if she believed in God, but she wasn't ready to accept the God from the Bible, but just a higher power. So, I asked if I could pray that God would reveal Himself to her, and she agreed, and we prayed for her right there in the library of the school. I then challenged her to pray that type of prayer on her own as she's trying to figure out what she believes for herself.

I believe when we ask God to show up, that He will. And so if she prays that prayer, God will show her that he's real. I just pray that she'll confess Jesus as Lord according to the Bible.

Though, it's been a couple of months since I consciously presented the gospel to a stranger, I was reminded at how easy it is once I open my mouth. Praying that God will give me the boldness to continue the challenge!  Follow along with Nate's Shockwave Challenge at

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Retreat Scholarships


Yesterday, I got the CRAZY idea of asking people in our congregation to help sponsor a student to go on our fall retreat this coming weekend, and didn't know what to expect, but I know that God is going to provide for teens that want to go, but just can't afford the $100 registration fee. I already received a couple of generous donations, so I thought I'd throw the net wider and ask the folks on the world wide web to pray about giving some support to help a teenager go to camp.

These camps can be life-changing weekends for tweens and teens, and we've seen God show up time and time again to knock on the doors of hearts of students, and they actually respond. It's amaazing that we get to be a part of His story and the spiritual journeys of some pretty phenomenal young people. The fact is that in a hurting economy many of us don't have much to give, and we've got to choose how we spend our money. Don't be alarmed, God will bless what you give, and you will be blessed for giving. Luke 6:38 reminds us to "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Would you consider changing the life of a kid in Colorado? If you are able to give, you can do it easily through Just log in to your account and hit "Send Money", enter my e-mail address:, make sure you select personal and "gift" so that there will be no fees associated, and it will make a HUGE difference in the life of a teenager!

You can also send a check with "Youth Retreat Scholarship" in the memo line to:

Colorado Community Church
Attn: Gregg Barbour
3651 S. Colorado Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80113

God Bless You!

Pastor Gregg <><

Sunday, July 10, 2011

the Path to Generosity

      After preaching this morning’s message on the Path to Generosity, I am humbled by the fact that God used me to share His heart for the needy. I showed a clip from "the Goonies" and one of my volunteers actually believed me when I mentioned that I was one of the kids who found the map, and it was actually a clip from my childhood!  Sorry to have mislead you, but my nickname was not "Chunk" growing up! 
    As we are creating our own Path to Generosity, we have been challenged to ask Jesus to open our eyes to see the "X's" all around us--that when X marks the spot, we'll be seeing needs everywhere.  When we give though, we are remembering to 1. Keep it Secret, and 2. Keep it Simple. So, as you’re out doing those things, we want to hear your stories. You’ll have to listen to the sermon as I address the irony of asking you to keep it secret, but then asking you to share with us what God is doing through you. Here is a way you can do it anonymously. Just post a comment here in an anonymous fashion, and I’ll make sure it gets shared with our church! We want you to accept the challenge to take the rest of July to create your own path to generosity, and share what you’re doing for the needy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

the Quest for Generosity

After beginning a series on Generosity, I've been marveling at how generous God has been to me and my family. I am so blessed to have a wonderful wife and two sons that keep me on my toes every moment I'm with them.
We've ventured into a new arena with our boys, and are wishing that the days of potty training will soon come. They both have had some kind of stomach virus because they have been doing number 2 a lot, and often times it exceeds the capacity of their little diapers, exploding onto the crib, at which point they start wiping it everywhere: the sheets, the crib bars, their clothes, their hair, daddy's get the picture.
Needless to say, we are needing to invest in some new sheets, and lots of laundry detergent and stain remover. Even with all of the adventures that aren't so fun, we realize that life would be completely different without them in it. Josiah's laugh is contagious, and he makes me smile from ear to ear when I see him after I come home. Watching Jayce learn new things amazes me, and I love how he often wants to crawl up in my lap and just sit with me. It's as if he knows that I'll let him come and enjoy my company anytime he wants.
I am so blessed to have a wonderful, beautiful wife that shares the joy with me of raising these two fellas. She is an amazing mom, and a more amazing wife. Watching her play with the guys and teach them new things is so much fun. And finding out that they are doing something new because of her makes me so proud. I'm happy to say that I'm still in love, and am enjoying every minute of being a husband and father.

In my quest for generosity, I've found most of all that Jesus expect us to live this out as a lifestyle, and not just an occasion. Even as I write this, I'm pondering my level of generosity for today--yeah, I put in a few extra hours prepping for this coming week's sermon with the photoshop, powerpoint, outline, and work on my sermon prop, but all the while, what is my motivation? It could be, "I need to get this done quick so I can go home", but it's really, "this weekend is gonna rock, and Lord, I'm putting the effort in, but it will still fail if you don't show up!"
I hope you'll show up to hear part two in my series on "The Quest for Generosity"; I think you'll enjoy Sunday's service! Plus, we've got ice cream afterwards, and a way for you to get a buy one get one burrito from Chipotle!