Sunday, July 10, 2011

the Path to Generosity

      After preaching this morning’s message on the Path to Generosity, I am humbled by the fact that God used me to share His heart for the needy. I showed a clip from "the Goonies" and one of my volunteers actually believed me when I mentioned that I was one of the kids who found the map, and it was actually a clip from my childhood!  Sorry to have mislead you, but my nickname was not "Chunk" growing up! 
    As we are creating our own Path to Generosity, we have been challenged to ask Jesus to open our eyes to see the "X's" all around us--that when X marks the spot, we'll be seeing needs everywhere.  When we give though, we are remembering to 1. Keep it Secret, and 2. Keep it Simple. So, as you’re out doing those things, we want to hear your stories. You’ll have to listen to the sermon as I address the irony of asking you to keep it secret, but then asking you to share with us what God is doing through you. Here is a way you can do it anonymously. Just post a comment here in an anonymous fashion, and I’ll make sure it gets shared with our church! We want you to accept the challenge to take the rest of July to create your own path to generosity, and share what you’re doing for the needy.

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