Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacationing with the Boys

I'm amazed at the need for a vacation AFTER having a vacation. Jenni and I realized that vacationing with kids is much different than vacationing without kids. Pre-parenthood, Jenni and I could sleep in, and after we wake up decide to go to the pool or the beach, and just go no questions asked. Post parenthood, things are quite different. Waking up at 9:30 was actually pretty cool, because the boys were on Colorado time all week while we were in Daytona Beach. They never set their watches ahead, I suppose. But after feeding them, we'd then get up to decide to go the beach, and we have to get ready, get all of our sunscreen on, head down to the beach with the canopy and the chairs, walk back to the room, get the boys ready to go with sunscreen and swimsuits, pack up the beach towels and coolers, and get ready to walk out the door, but wait--we gotta make two more bottles because now it's already time for them to eat again. Sooo, we get down to the beach, and we gotta feed the boys, before one of us at a time can go get into the ocean.
Although, I'm thankful for the family we had while we were down there that allowed us some semblance of relaxation or sanity giving us moments where we could just be with each other, and have some daddy and mommy time. Like throwing the frisbee on the beach together, or sitting by the pool for 10 minutes, or going out with my bro, sis-in-law, cousin and his wife to get dinner and a movie while the grandparents oogled over the kids. It was quite a blast, but NOW I'm ready for a vacation. :)