Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a matter of redundancy

What in life is redundant? I guess sleep can be redundant. Waking up, and brushing our teeth (which hopefully you do, otherwise, you'll have halitosis—need a mint?), or even a work out at the gym can be redundant. We sometimes get into routines, and we never wonder why we started doing things a certain way in the first place.

I'm sitting here in my office cutting and folding "Blizzard" fliers for the students to pick up tonight, and it's becoming a redundant task. Over and over, folding, cutting, repeat. I wonder if sometimes our lives get like that? Wake up, relieve myself, brush teeth, shower, get dressed, oops, don't forget the deodorant, feed the dogs, eat breakfast, go to work, go to the gym, watch tv with wife, play xbox, go to sleep, repeat. Is your day becoming an endless cycle, or routine, that even though it's enjoyable, it's still a "repeat as necessary" kind of life.

Maybe we're up for change once a year. Happy New Year! It's time to make our goals and resolutions, and change is GOING TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR IF IT TAKES EVERYTHING I'VE GOT! Hopefully, it lasts this time! But, what if it doesn't? Are we going to let our lives become redundant?

Well, I resolve not to! My life will not, or will never be a matter of redundancy. Our Father in heaven has come that we might experience life to the full, an abundant life, not a redundant life. In fact, in Revelation 21, He says that He has come to make all things new. I believe that. I believe Jesus has come into my life to make me new, from the inside out. May this year be a year of newness for all who desire it.

No more redundancies…except for those that are necessary…and now, back to the folding!