Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tater Saw

Imagine my surprise when I walk into my office on Tuesday morning to find Officer Spud sitting next to my computer with a note attached to him. Apparently, someone had been up to some mischief. The note was from "Tater Saw." I had one minute to find all of the spuds before they would spontaneously combust. AGHHH!!! THE HORROR!!! I thought it would be a good chance to video my findings, so I pulled out my camera and this is what I captured:

As you can tell, I didn't fold under the pressure, and my precious Spuds were saved. From Santa Spud to Spider Spud to the Taters of the Lost Ark, they all were without a scratch. I saved the day. But, I'll never leave my office unattended again! Oh, the pranks to come…Beware tater saw…Beware.