Thursday, October 22, 2009

goodbye, Apathy

Two nights ago, I was priveleged enough to view a pre-screening of a new movie coming out called "To Save A Life." Honestly, one of the most amazing and relevant movies to today's generation that I have ever seen. It was a captivating, enthralling, motivating tear jerker of a flick. After watching it, I was thinking about the youth ministry at our church, and the students involved in this ministry. As I thought about them, there was one word that resonated with me—apathy. I challenged them last night to confront apathy. As I shared my frustrations, the Holy Spirit confirmed I was doing the right thing by scrapping my talk on marriage by taking over my words. As I was speaking, I couldn't help but think, "This is coming out much more eloquently than I could ever have thought," so I knew it wasn't me speaking, but God through me. Some of those frustrations were mine—students being in cliques while at youth group, and not desiring to know each other in community, students not bringing their friends, their lack of participation in events and service projects. But at the heart of it, I think some of those frustrations were turned into challenges from God to say goodbye, Apathy. To choose to no longer say, "I don't care," and do something for those around you.

    I wonder how much of it was taken to heart through our family time discussion, and want to throw the net wide to hear any thoughts on how you say goodbye to Apathy in your own life. What will it take for you to truly care enough to make a difference?

Take a look at the movie trailer here!

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